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Fresh Off the Easel

The paint has just dried!
Each of these paintings have just recently exited the easel.

Most of these pieces are part of my latest collection:


~From the Darkest Night Into The Light~

“We need light to see but we need darkness to see the stars.”

This series is about the strength, resilience, love and light that we all carry within us.
It’s a collection of paintings about finding joy even in tough times.

It talks about looking up and seeing the stars during a cold, dark, difficult adventure. Perhaps discovering new stars and constellations you may never have noticed before. We can learn and see things in new ways in dark times.

It’s also about remembering the stars are always there whether we can see them or not.

It speaks of surviving the journey through the dark shadows and cold chills of a seemingly endless night only to reach the most beautiful striking sunrise at dawn.

Seeing it now as never before. A new understanding awakening with the explosion of vibrant clarity and insight rising with the new day.

This series is about believing in yourself and the strength, resilience, love and magic you carry within ♡

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6” by 6” by 3/4” deep Acrylic on Birch Cradled Wood Panel

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6” by 8” by 1.5” deep Acrylic and Mixed Media on Birch Cradled Wood Panel and Topographic map

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4” by 3” by 1.5” deep Acrylic on Birch Wood cradled Panel

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12” by 16” by 1.5” Acrylic on Birch/ Cradled Wood Panel